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Scott Sheppard in Ohio is descended from Maria Stobbe, 1855-may 1886, daughter of Heinrich Stobbe and Anna Wall. Stobbe ancestors were Mennonites originally from Montau, Prussia region, later Russia and came to USA in 1876.





A list of 230 descended persons

Jacob Stobbe was born abt 1814 and died 9 Mar 1872. His birth record is in LDS #1619034, Liebschau parish, West Prussia and his death record is in LDS #585987, Gardschau parish, West Prussia. The Polish names for these are Luibszewo and Godziszewo. They are located about 13-15 miles or so southwest of Gdansk. There is another very good LDS film, #1619034, an index of birth, marriage and death of the Liebschau parish. Check it out at familysearch.org; go to the library catalog and do a search using the the film number.

Jacob married Margarethe Chojnacka on 19 Jan 1840 in Rukosin, Liebschau parish. She was born abt 1815. They had the following children: Marianna, b. 20 Dec 1840, Rukosin; Catherina, b. 28 Feb 1847, Swaroszyn; Johann*, b. 15 Apr 1849, Swaroszyn; Joseph*, b. 1847, Swaroszyn; Nicolaus, b. 14 Dec 1851, Swaroszyn; Catherina, b. 12 Dec 1853, Swaroszyn; Jacob, b. 17 Feb 1856, Swaroszyn; Paulina, b. 16 Jan 1859, Swaroszyn. I cannot explain the gap between 1840-1847 of no children. Your guess is as good as mine.

The sons Jacob, Johann and Joseph migrated to Pittsburgh, PA, then on to Sherman County, Nebraska. I have many descendants of Johann (John) and Joseph. I can put them in an attachment and email to you if you'd like. Johann married Marianna Wesierska, niece of my ggg-grandmother. Jospeh married Annie Kaszlon first, then Julia Krajewski later in Nebraska. I can place both the Wesierska and Kaszlon families in the Gardschau and Liebschau parishes of West Prussia. Jacob Stobbe stayed in Pittsburgh. He did stay in touch with his brothers. I have seen newspaper articles about family members going to Pittsburgh to visit with relatives there.