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The Danish king Christian IV (1588-1642) constructed the still existing city Glückstadt north of Hamburg in the year 1616. In the middle of the century Glückstadt saw great opportunities as to the freedom of any religion and belief. In 1644 the city had more than 1.000 families as inhabitants. The third largest city in Denmark.
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Relatively few cities house members from the Stobbe family. The largest concentration is located around Hamburg.

Also detailed described how the Stobbe name originates.

The West Prussian state long time ago included the Stobbe name. Many of us today presumable originates from this area.

British Island One link and some names found
Holland Some families are present, described by among others Mr. Gertjan Stobbe. ..... to come
Russia and Baltic contries In Russia, Catherine the Great gave land to the Mennonites who greated many farming villages.
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  • No Stobbe seems to live in Belgium
  • One family is present in Norway
  • One family present in Sweden
  • One Stobbe lived in France

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