Personen in Germany


Persons perhaps of interest:

Johann Hans Hermann August Adolph Stobbe, 9. June 1860 - 3. August 1938 (originates from Peter Stobbe Tiegenhof)

Paul Adolf Hermann STOBBE * 23.02.1897 Langendorf / Friedland † 1943 Schneidemühl  and son Alfred Stobbe * 23.05.1925 in Königsberg +19.10.1994


Bernhard and brother Herbert Stobbe moved from Germany app 2. WW with son Carl August Stobbe and his son Carl Douglas Stobbe of Texas.


Bernhard Stobbe b 29 May 1901 in Russia
Carl Stobbe b. 6 Jan 1819 in Germany
Karl Stobbe b. before 1853 (Son Adolph born 1873 in Poland)
Herbert Stobbe b. 1935 in British Columbia


I'm coming to believe that my Stobbes were not Mennonites in Prussia or Russia They likely were of Lutheran faith. They intermarried with a Fischer family in Russia and moved to Rosthern area of Saskatchewan in 1890s. A daughter (Susanna Stobbe) married a Hermann Peters .... who WAS Mennonite.

You can see details at: for Susanna - her ancestors and descendants.

Since preparing that website, I've come to believe that Susanna's father's father was Peter Stobbe (no dates or locations) and Elizabeth Mohriz (spelling of surname subjected to lots of interpretations). and they had one other known child: Herman (b 16 Jan 1866 d 18 Dec 1928) m. Anna Lemke. Herman/Anna had four children: Herman Stubbs (1893-1974), ? (b 1917), Archie, and Albert. I have a see bit more information on Herman Stubbs children.


I'm a Stobbe Family Genealogist. My mother who is now 98 was the 13th child and last born to Justine Rutkowski Stobbe and Francis (Possibly also Franz or Frank) Stobbe. They came from the Danzig region of West Prussia immigrating March 24, 1887.

Francis (Frank) Stobbe was born August 12, 1857 and died in Chicago, IL. February 22, 1927.
Justine Rutkowski Stobbe was born December 8, 1857 and died in Chicago, IL. April 24, 1948, they were married in the Spring of 1882.

Three of the 13 children, Martha, John and Paul (an infant at the time) were born in West Prussia.

My mothers name is Frances Stobbe Englar. She was born on August 10, 1903. All her siblings were born in the late 1800's. I am William (nick name Bill) Englar. Francis and Justine Stobbe were my maternal Grand Parents.