Preussen - Poland
Stobbe is also a Mennonite family name since at least 1668. Stobbe was first recorded at Danzig and later also in Elbing, Montau and other West Prussian churches - now Poland. Some members of this family were ministers in the church.

Isaac Stobbe (b.1712 - † 1788), a shoemaker, became a preacher in 1751 and an elder in 1775 of the Frisian (Neugarten) congregation of Danzig.

Erdmann Stobbe was also a preacher of the same church from 1786 - ca. 1808.

Johann Stobbe of Klein Lunau became a preacher in 1871 and elder between 1875-1906 of the Schönsee (Sosnovka) Mennonite Church.

Peter Stobbe (b. 16?? † 1736) of Tiegenhof in the Gross-Werder was the founder of a famous distillery, which was in existence at least until 1945.

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According to the Mennonite historian Horst Penner, the Stobbes were "einheimische Preussen", i.e. native Prussians, and lived in Danzig and in West Prussia, south of Danzig, present-day Gdansk, going back to the 12th century. 17 families appear in the listing of Mennonite families compiled by Adalbert Goertz. See "Mennonite Families in the Montau, Gruppe, Schoensee Region, 1800-1840".


Stobbes from Montau, West Prussia, were mostly of the Mennonite faith. In 1819, they emigrated to South Russia. Later, around 1876, they came to Minnesota.

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Stobbe, Hermann, 27.10.1790 - 14.10.1867 Tiegenhof

Stobbe, Dr. Franz Prakt. Arzt Danzig

Stobbe, Eduard Stadtrath Danzig

Stobbe, Hermann Kaufmann Danzig

Stobbe, Ludwig Ferdinand Rentier Danzig

Stobbe, Paul Kaufmann Danzig
Year 1727 Ertman Stobbe and farther Peter Stobbe with daughters Maria, Catharina and son Harm, etc from Orlofferfelde Frisian Mennonite Church Baptisms: 1726-1771

Mennonite Baptisms in Orlofferfelde, 1772-1804
1774 STOBBE 1. Harm Stobbe' son Frantz of Schoensee
1778 STOBBE 2. Harm Stobbe' son Harm of Schoensee
1780 STOBBE 2. Harm Stobbe' son Peter of Schoensee
1783 STOBBE 5. Gert Stobbe' surv. son Paul of Thiergart
1787 STOBBE 12. Gert Stobbe' surv. dau. Sara of Thiergarterfeld
1788 STOBBE 4. Peter Stobbe' son David of Fuerstenau
1796 STOBBE 11. Harm Stobbe' dau. Maria of Tiegenhof
1797 STOBBE 5. Ertmann Stobbe' dau. Maria of Tiegenhof
1798 STOBBE 10. Harm Stobbe' son Harm of Tiegenhof
1800 STOBBE 1. Ertman Stobbe' son Ertmann of Tiegenhof
1803 STOBBE 1. Ertmann Stobbe' son Peter of Tiegenhof
Orlofferfelde, West Prussia (1772-1804) Church transfer
1. Peter Stobbe, Harm Stobbe's son to Dantzig
4. Peter Stobbe my bother-in-law of Furstenau to the flemish church at Tiegenhagen
1. Harm Stobbe and wife of Reinland to the Marcushof church
1. Peter Stobbe his surv. son David of Fürstenau to Marcushof

Mennnonite Deaths, Kreis Culm, West Prussia, 1800-1840
Elisenthal Dec 3 1827 Stobbe, Einwohner Johann, 68 J alt
Gogolin Jul 13 1833 Stobbe, Frau Catharina S. geb.Franz, 25 J alt Erben:Mann Heinrich Stobbe und 1 Sohn.
Schoeneich Feb 19 1827 Stobbe, Frau David S. Eva geb.Ediger verw.Franz, 44 J alt Erben:Kinder 1.Ehe:1.Maria 21J;2.Heinrich 15J;3.Cornelius 10J;4.Peter 7J; 5.Jacob 7J;6.Anna 2J; 2.Ehe:1.Eva und Catharina, 7T alt.
Gogolin Nov 22 1828 Stobbe, Frau Georg S. Agneta geb.Martins,50J alt Erben:Ehemann,Sohn David,9J alt,in Lunauer Horst bei Peter Goerz; Sohn Heinrich,18 J alt,bei Peter Schroeder
Rossgarten Jun 2 1836 Stobbe, Heinrich, 45 J alt.Erben:Witwe und 4 min.Kinder
Nonnenkaempe Mar 1 1821 Stobbe, Heinrich, 53 J alt Erben:Frau Anna Seelse,1.David 26J;2.Anna 24J;3.Catharina 23J;4.Heinrich 11. Gogolin Aug 15 1833 Stobbe, Heinrich,S.d.Heinrich S./+Catharina geb.Franz,1 M 16 T alt:Erbe:Witwe

Baptisms in the Montau Mennonite Church, 1741-1813
1741 STOBBE 11.Isack Stoben' surviving dau. Trincke ist auf Kompany
1742 STOBBE 14.Ertman Stoben' surviving son Petter auf der Grop
1751 STOBBE 14.Ertman Stoben' surv. son Davidt of Grop
1752 STOBBE 4.Jan Stob von Dantzig of Klein Sanskau
1759 STOBBE 24.Abraham Stoben' dau. Liscke of Nieder Grop
1764 STOBBE 10.Ertmann Stobbe' son Ehrtman of Nider Grub
1767 STOBBE 6.Ertman Stobe' dau. (Sarcke) Ancke of Muntau
1767 STOBBE 22.Abraham Stoben' dau. Catrina of Nieder Grub
1769 STOBBE 8/9.Abraham Stobe' dau.Anganetcke & Ancke of Niedergrub
1775 STOBBE 12.Ehrtman Stob' surv. son Hans of Muntau
1776 STOBBE 22.Ertman Stoben' surv. dau. Trincke of Muntau
1779 STOBBE 18/19.Abraham Stob' surv. sons Abraham & Hinrich ofNiedergrub
1780 STOBBE 7.Jan Stobe' surv. son Hinrich of Gross Sanskau
1783 STOBBE 22. Johan Stoben' dau. Trincke of Muntau
1785 STOBBE 14.Ertman Stoben' son Peter of Treul
1794 STOBBE 2.Erdmann Stoben' son Heinrich of Muntau
1795 STOBBE 19.Erdman Stoben' dau.Maricke of Muntau
1798 STOBBE 26.Erdman Stobe' dau. Zarcke of Ellerwald
1799 STOBBE 39/40.Erdman Stoben' children Peter & Ancke of Ellerwald
1801 STOBBE 20.Johan Stobben' dau. Maria of Komrau
1802 STOBBE 17.Abraham Stobben' dau. Maria of Komerau
1803 STOBBE 2/3.Hans Stobbe' surv.children Johan & Sara of Neusass Treul
1804 STOBBE 22.Heinr. Stobben' dau. Efcke of Nieder Grupp
1804 STOBBE 26.Johan Stobben' dau. Triencke of Komerau
1806 STOBBE 17.Ertman Stobbe' dau. Catarina of Nieder Grup
1806 STOBBE 22/23.Heinrich Stobbe' childr.Heinrich & Anna of Klein Komrau
1808 STOBBE 2.Johan Stobbe' surviving dau. Anna of Neusass Treul
1808 STOBBE 28.Abraham Stobben' surviving dau. Catarina of Komrau
1809 STOBBE 25/26.Heinrich Stobbe' childr.Heinrich & Sara of Nieder Grup
1810 STOBBE 5.Peter Stobben' surviving son Peter of Montau
1812 STOBBE 9.Ertman Stobbe' son Peter of Ober Grup
1813 STOBBE 4.Jacob Stobbe' son Heinrich of Gross Sanskau
1813 STOBBE 18.Abraham Stobbe' surviving son Abraham of Komerau   Mennonite Families in the Montau-Gruppe/Schoensee Region 1800-1840