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The family name - Stobbe - originates long time back in Germany and means a collection of wood or logs. The file in the German language explains into details the development from the start to the 17'teen century. This file is expected to be translated and exposed in English in the near future.

Here shown Schleswig - Holstein area of Germany south of the boarder to Denmark. Where Steinburg county is green and marked number 5.

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The Stobbe family in Denmark originates from Magnus Stobbe (1790-1837), possible the son of an Inn keeper named Tias Stobbe. Magnus ran away from his family in Glückstadt (Steinburg county) around the year of 1802. He was found by the Danish general Johan von Ewald who took personal care of him, learned him among other things to be special agent in the Danish army. In 1814, after the wars with England and Germany, Magnus settled on Zealand 65 km south of Copenhagen as a miller. Per Stobbe originates directly from Magnus Stobbe. Kreis_Steinburg.gif (10872 bytes)
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  • App. 100 of the persons in the Danish Stobbe family are individually described in the Danish language by first name alphabetic - text .html file size is 120 kB, excluding pictures!!
  • All persons (app. 800 individual) collected in this genealogy project, and related to the Stobbe family (with less than 90 individuals) are accessible through the index surnames. As this database was created in 1996 and has not been upgraded since some job titles may be incorrect.
  • The Danish Stobbe family related buildings are displayed in the Danish language alphabetic - file size 29 kB.
  • All wind- and watermills are described into details - file with size 20 kB.
  • Miller Magnus Stobbe are mentioned in Peter Jensens book from 1882 (in Danish).
  • The Stobbe family tree for Denmark are displayed in the Danish language and originally made in the software Ancestral Quest.
  • All references with respect to family Stobbe.
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